Homecare or Care Home?

As we all grow old, many of us will need help and support with daily living tasks. When this time comes, moving into a care home may seem the only option. Doing this is a major commitment for your future. It involves the upheaval and stress of changing where you live and a commitment to paying vast amounts of money for your ongoing accommodation and care. You will be sharing your living and dining space with many others and may lose much of your dignity, independence, control of your life and choices. Often, you will have to comply with a daily routine just to suit others. Is this the only way to live as we get older?

There is another option!

With the support of our dedicated, highly trained and courteous care team, you or your loved one can remain living independently at home. With our person centred care support packages we can support you with a vast array of daily living tasks. Our service is often less than half the cost of living in a care home yet it enables you or your loved one to maintain independence, dignity, wellbeing, peace of mind and happiness.

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